Working From Home: 6 Top Tips For Staying Healthy

6 Top Tips For Staying Healthy When Working From Home

Working From Home: 6 Top Tips For Staying Healthy

Working from home has its advantages, but one of the biggest challenges people face is staying active and healthy with a crazy work schedule. After all, sitting at a desk all day with a comfy chair and a flat screen monitor in your fluffy PJ’s doesn’t make you any more active than sitting behind a regular desk at a regular workplace…


But what exactly is there to do when you’re stuck behind a desk all day staring into a screen for hours on end? Well, let me tell you… and most of these are so simple that you wouldn’t even expect it!




1. Clean Your Work-From-Home Space


Working From Home: 6 Top Tips For Staying Healthy

In order to have a clear mind, you have to have a clear space to work in. It’s like a blank canvas, a fresh sheet of paper. Your most productive self is when you have nothing else on your mind, so making sure that your workspace is clutter free is a must! Especially when working from home.



2. Take a Walk to Recharge


Working From Home: 6 Top Tips For Staying Healthy

Too much information on your mind at once is not good for your health. Your brain will be scrambled and you will be less productive. Taking a quick walk for even as little as 10 minutes can clear your head space massively and help put your mind at ease. This is a great thing to do during a morning break, or at lunch time. The fresh air really helps.



3. Cook Healthy Meals or Snacks


Working From Home: 6 Top Tips For Staying Healthy

Food is fuel for the brain and body. If you don’t eat enough, you aren’t getting enough nutrients, and if you aren’t getting enough nutrients then your brain won’t work efficiently and neither will your body. You will be fatigued and hungry, and it’s almost impossible to concentrate when you’re hungry. You definitely don’t want to be getting hangry on a Teams meeting!

Not only that, but ideally you want to be eating healthier foods with more nutritional values in them. Sitting in a chair eating junk food all day isn’t going to be very beneficial for your mind or your body. Whole foods such as meats, fruit and veg are great as they contain lots of nutrients! Now, I am not saying you can’t have a big bag of Haribo Tangfastics every once in a while, but in moderation! (See link for healthy recipes).



4. Stay Active


Working From Home: 6 Top Tips For Staying Healthy

As mentioned before, being physically active keeps your mind active. It is also a great way to blow of some steam after a long day’s work. Go to the gym, take a fitness class, a yoga class, take a walk with the dog/s, do your weekly food shop… It can be ANYTHING! Anything with a change of scenery beats sitting in your house all evening after doing the same thing all morning, so make sure to stay active and make the most of your day.



5. Get Plenty of Sleep


Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep is SO important, and many people don’t realise how much it contributes to your day-to-day life. You should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night to ensure that you’re ready for the day ahead when you wake up. If you aren’t getting the bare minimum, then your mind and body will not be able to function adequately the following day. It will affect your mood, your performance, your energy levels and even your physical health!

To ensure that you are getting the right amount of sleep, try setting a sleep timer at night. You can do this on your phone via your Settings. Also, you can limit your distractions by enabling “Do Not Disturb” on your phone within a certain time frame, so that you will never be woken up by another *buzz* or *beep* when you’re trying to sleep.



6. Keep Up with Friends and Loved Ones


Meeting Friends

Sure, you might work most of the time and feel like you have no time for anything else.. but you should always make time and DON’T over-work yourself. Spending time with friends and loved ones are the times you should cherish most.

So, don’t snow yourself under with work, and allow time for leisure and to socialise. Go for that meal, for that coffee, cocktail, beer, to see that movie, and that event. It’s all about balance! When you have the balance of work life and home life mastered, your mind will be healthier than ever!


And there you have it! Inology’s 6 top tips for keeping your mind and body healthy when working from home. Stick to these, and you’ll feel as fresh as a daisy!



Do you work from home?


Do you do any of the above to break up your routine?


If not, then why not start now?

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