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Sustainable IT keeps existing technology running for longer.
We are your technology success partener.

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Inology IT was created in 2010 to deliver what growing companies lacked: incredible tech support at sensible prices tailored to your business goals. Gone are the days when ‘IT support’ meant ad-hoc fixes between panicked client phone calls. Today, small businesses need a clear digital strategy, the security of knowing their data is safe, and the right technology to support their growth.

Brett founded Inology IT to do just that, and 12 years, thousands of tickets and around a hundred happy clients later, we reckon we are on the right track to deliver those goals.


Meet Some Of The Team


Brett Casterton


Brett has been around IT since the dawn of time “, Or so he would have us know”!  Since Xmas day 1982, when he received his Vic 20, he has been hooked on computers.

Brett is a Forces veteran and has merged his technical skills with the values learnt in the Forces. A believer in “Time is money”, Inology IT focuses on holistic solutions.

When Brett’s not helping clients, he is a keen mountain biker; he has dared to tackle the world cup course in Scotland (Only one scratch) and continues to push boundaries. 



Senior Technician

I think like many 80’s kids, my journey began as “that kid who can set up the video recorder” and progressed from there through the gamut of Sinclair, Atari and Amiga all leading up to that wonderful combination of Windows and IBM.

I became known in the office as the person to ask about your tech troubles before taking them to the IT department. Once a spot opened, I jumped at the chance to join the Helpdesk and never looked back. I feel very lucky to spend my days making tech work how people want and need it to.

Outside of work I still love to play with gadgets and games, but I also make music or go outdoors on a family camping trip.


Reece Johnston

Junior Technician

I am a PC enthusiast and a Lover of gaming; I have grown up in and around technology from a young age and have always had a passion for pursuing a career in IT; I am a big fan of gaming and experimenting with PC components, hardware and many forms of software.

As a hobby, I enjoy creating and building wooden models and puzzles; The puzzles consist of large wooden boats, and rotating globes. As a young child, I have also built with Lego and Meccano Sets and models, I find this rather relaxing and peaceful.


Anna Malykhina

Admin Assistant

Anna can do it all if we need to tidy up documentation, format documents, analyse website conversions or prepare material for publication. Anna’s extensive experience in the service industry and office work gives her the skills to get the job done right.

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Inology IT is committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.

From asset recycling policies and objectives to a move to an all-electric fleet, Inology IT care about the environment for all our future generations.

Independently ranked as one of the UK’s top and most progressive Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Inology IT - IT Support Manchester - ISO 27001
Inology IT - IT Support Manchester - ISO 27001
Copy-of-F14CRM-Cyber-Essentials-Certified-logo-300x300 1
Copy-of-F14CRM-Cyber-Essentials-Certified-logo-300x300 1
Inology IT - IT Support Manchester - ISO 9001
Inology IT - IT Support Manchester - ISO 9001

Are you looking for proactive IT Support?

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