Are Subscription Services On The Rise?

Are Subscription Services On The Rise?

Subscription services are popping up all over the place these days. From clothing to fitness, to home goods, just about anything you can think of, there’s a subscription option for it. Whilst that all seems great for some, for others it may be a different story.

It’s super handy to have all of your TV and Music subscription services available today, from the likes of Netflix to Apple Music and Spotify. However, this year, there have been many speculations of subscription services going above and beyond anything before.

According to Bloomberg, Apple have recently released some information online about a new potential subscription service for its products. This will enable customers to pay a regular fee, rather than paying a one off lump sum for their hardware products. This will be a huge step up from just having access to digital subscription services.


Apple already has an option similar to subscription services out at the minute, which gives customers the ability to pay for their iPhone over the course of 2 years in smaller amounts.

However, the new subscription service may indicate that the device would have to be given back at the end of the agreed period. In effect, this can lead to significant problems within the community. Many will not be in favour of this alternative, as they will not own the product at the end. Some may also argue that it would end up costing considerably more than buying the product outright.

Linking to one of our other blog posts, this could potentially increase the digital divide. Meaning that some people that are less well off may not be able to afford this new alternative. You can read more on the digital divide here.

In other news, there are already some other hardware subscription services currently available today. For example, Microsoft brought out Xbox All Access. This gives customers the option to pay a monthly subscription fee of £20.99, over the course of 2 years. Which includes exclusive access to other services that Microsoft offer for Xbox, such as Game Pass.

Let us know your thoughts on the emergence of a new subscription service way of life. Leave us a comment below.


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