Cyber Monday Mayhem: Chip Supply Takes Its Toll!

Cyber Monday Chip Shortage

Cyber Monday Mayhem: Chip Supply Takes Its Toll!

Cyber Monday has taken a life of its own this year. Perpetually full of deals, the day is the ultimate binge-fest of consumerism. Let’s be honest, anyone can find something they like at a discount price. But although it’s the holiday season, the reality is that not all deals are good deals. Especially this year!


Cyber Monday


What’s Going On?

Brits were expected to spend a whopping £9.42 Billion this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as a combined result of online and in-store splurging. According to Statista. However, many shoppers have faced the disappointment of missing out on the most wanted Tech Products this year. Which has been a result of the current Supply Chain problems happening across the globe. The most annoying part is, companies do have stock of the actual products such as TV’s, Laptop’s, iPad’s, Games Consoles etc… So why aren’t they available for purchase?


Why Aren’t They Available? 

Well, funnily enough it’s not the actual products that are the problem, it’s the components. More specifically, the chips that go inside. And unfortunately, that’s not all.. Mass Tech Companies from the likes of Intel are saying that this tragedy could last until 2023.

What’s taking so long? Manufacturing chips is quite a difficult task and is a lengthy process to say the least. Even if every chip manufacturer worked together and started last year, even that would more than likely not have resulted in the release of a single chip in time for Black Friday.

A large majority of the population are not happy about this shortage, as they are one of the world’s most popular Christmas gifts.


When Did This All Start?

All this Supply Chain commotion arose back in 2020, when COVID-19 struck. Locking us all in our homes with nothing better to do than go on a local walk with the family and pets, stare at Phones for hours on end, or order mass amounts of takeaway food. With this amount of freetime and boredom of course came a surge in the demand for Tech Products… But nobody could work or travel, which was a massive set back for the manufacturing industry.



And today, Black Friday bargain hunters, Cyber Monday scavengers and general Christmas shoppers are struggling to get their hands on the most wanted items at Christmas time. So, it’s not looking like you’re going to be getting your new PS5 anytime soon!


Have you been able to get your hands on any Tech products this year in time for Christmas?




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