Get a FREE 6-month Cyber Guard subscription including Dark Web Monitoring! Usually £65/month+!

    The Dark Web is an additional, unmonitored layer to the internet - accessible using a readily-available browser - where scammers and hackers can source, buy and sell personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, names, addresses and other sensitive information. Data held by your company will be there.

    A live search by Inology IT Cyber Guard will go deep into the underbelly of the net to discover your company’s exposure on the Dark Web, and you’ll be surprised by what we find…client details, email passwords, staff information, all up for grabs.

    We will provide a full report on your company’s exposure on the Dark Web, so you can immediately address your threat and make any changes so that the information becomes unusable. We will also monitor your domain continuously and alert you when a breach has been made, ensuring passwords and payment details can be changed before they are sold or used maliciously…stopping scammers in their tracks!