Getting The Most Out Of Microsoft Edge

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Getting The Most Out Of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser has come a long way since its debut, and while many will still never feel comfortable using Edge over Mozilla’s Firefox or Google’s Chrome, there are lots of people who much prefer it. The Edge browser was first released to the public back in April 2015, which is now almost 7 years ago! Edge was initially designed to have a lightweight, clean-looking feel to it, placing it as strong competition against Firefox and Chrome. However, since then it has surpassed all expectations, gaining more success than ever before.

We will be letting you in on all of the top tips for getting the most out of your Microsoft Edge experience. So, if you’re a fan of Microsoft Edge, or would simply like to learn a bit more about how to navigate your way around it, then this is definitely worth a read.



Inology’s Favourite Top Tips For Edge



Create Collections With Multiple Items in Edge


Have you ever been browsing on one of your favourite websites and realised there are so many things that you love, but won’t be able to remember them all? It’s the worst! However, with Edge you can now select multiple items, drag them into your collections list within the Edge browser, and you will never have to forget another beloved item again!

Collections in Edge



Pin Your Favourite Website To Your Edge Taskbar


This feature is super handy, as it allows you to access your favourite sites in a much simpler and time efficient way. The pinning wizard, helps you choose your favourite sites by suggesting up to 6 web pages based off your recent browsing history. Cool, right? If you are using a brand new machine and don’t seem to have much of a browsing history, then fear not.. Edge will recommend you other popular sites instead!

To enable this snazzy feature, all you have to do is Open the Settings and more (…) menu, choose More tools, and then Launch taskbar pinning wizard. It’s THAT simple!

Taskbar in Edge



Import Tabs And Setting From Google Chrome


This is one of our all-time favourite features in Edge here at Inology. No matter if you’re a lover of Edge or you swear by Chrome… Edge allows you to import settings and tabs from Google Chrome, along with previously existing favourites, browsing history, saves passwords and more. So now, you really can have the best of both worlds!

To import from Chrome, begin by opening up your Settings and more (…) menu and then select Settings. In Profiles, select Import browser data in your current profile. Wait for the dialogue box to vanish, then choose Google Chrome under Import from. Make sure to check/un-check the boxes for each data type according to what you choose to import. The 2 new options should now be at the bottom of the list, Settings and Open tabs. Finally, select Import to begin the process.

Import Setting and Tabs from Chrome



Making Web Copying Easier


Edge has a new feature called Web Select, which supports you in copying formatted web content, such as tables, headers, and images. To do this, right-click on your browser window and choose Web Select, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + X. Next, select and drag the + cursor to highlight the content you desire and select Copy.

Copy and Paste in Edge



Mark-Up Your Edge Screenshots


When using web capture, you can grab and mark up your screenshots. Right-click on your browser window and select Web capture, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S. Select the area of your screen that you would like to capture, with the cursor. Select Mark-up capture to edit or draw any notes using pen or touch. You can also save these to your device.




No Mistakes With Microsoft Edge Editor


You don’t have to worry about grammar or spelling with Microsoft Editor! Helping you write more confidently on the web. Choose from a word, phrase, or mark-up to see suggestions. However, if it’s not for you, then you can simply turn Editor off by selecting Settings and more(…) > Settings > Languages > Microsoft Editor.

Languages in Editor



Customise With Microsoft Edge Extensions 


You can personalise your Edge browser by adding in some browser extensions, such as Ad Blockers. You can now access a wide range of extensions directly from the Microsoft Store. However, if you prefer to download your extensions from elsewhere, then you can enable this by selecting Allow Extensions From Other Stores on the extensions page.

Extensions in Edge



Monitor Your Microsoft Edge Passwords


This is a great feature within Edge that helps keep your information secure. Password Monitor uses a repository of known compromised credentials, to help notify you whenever any of your passwords are no longer safe to use.

Secure Passwords


Choose Your Own Microsoft Edge Theme


If the plain old blue edge theme isn’t your cup of tea, then change it! You can customise your edge browser to look however you want it to look, with a wide range of themes available in edge. These themes can change the look and feel of your browser, to give you a better experience.




Have Your Edge Tabs Vertical 


If ever you fancy a bit of a layout change, vertical tabs allow you to relocate your tabs on the side of your browser window. This makes it easier quickly scan, identify and switch to the right tab etc… To enable Vertical Tabs, select the Tab actions menu icon at the top left of your Edge browser. Then, select Turn on vertical tabs. Or as a shortcut, Ctrl + Shift + ,.

Vertical Tabs


These are just a few tricks to know about the new Microsoft Edge update. Go and have a go at using some of them!

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