Life After SBS 2011

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Life After SBS 2011

Many small businesses have been enjoying the benefits of Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SBS 2011) since its introduction over 20 years ago, the lastest edition Microsoft introduced was SBS 2011 which first appeared in December 2010. Many SMEs still use the software today.

However, are you aware that Microsoft will not support Windows Server 2008 R2 and Exchange Server 2010 beyond 14 January 2020?

 SBS 2011 is comprised of these two components, so if you use it, or if you are unsure, please read on.

While 2020 may seem a long way off, it is vital you plan ahead to implement a new server in good time. If your company still uses SBS 2011, and assuming you have the latest service packs installed, this means there is less than 1 year until Microsoft stops providing critical security and stability updates for your server.

Is There An Alternative to SBS?

Yes! Microsoft Server 2019 Essentials is ideal for many small businesses that want an economically priced server. Just like your old SBS, Server 2019 Essentials is easy to configure and is designed specifically for SMBs.  An Essentials server is licensed for up to 25 users and 50 devices straight out the box. It also allows for the same number of remote users, which is a very useful feature for most SMEs. If your company has more users than this, don’t worry. The standard version of Server 2019 is also available and we can tailor this to your individual needs.

The Microsoft Mail Folly

One of the great benefits of Microsoft Small Business Server is that it included both a Windows Server Operating System and Microsoft Exchange Server. This provides a professional email server running from your own premises. Essentials Server, however, does not include Microsoft Exchange Server. Now it requires the use of a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange. For most people this is not a problem because they are happy to pay a subscription for having their emails hosted. This means not having to worry about the reliability and management of their own server.

The Hosted Exchange Service from Microsoft works in harmony with Essentials Server. Mailbox Backups and anti-spam are included and the service is fully looked after by us. If you already have Office 365, this also integrates very well. Certain packages also include OneDrive (Cloud storage) and SharePoint (team collaboration).

Which Steps Should I Take Next?

We appreciate you may not know which type of server you currently have, or whether you are at risk. A free IT audit from Inology:IT will provide this information. We will agree a plan of action to update your IT infrastructure when you require new equipment. We will install a new server hassle-free and well before the support deadline in 2020.

Can You Help Us?

Our aim is to take all the aggravation out of managing your IT. Our SBS Migrations Team will help you migrate to Microsoft Server 2019 and onboard your email to Microsoft Office 365.

So we can understand your requirement, please contact us. We would very much look forward to hearing from you soon!

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