Make the most of this new digital world – Top remote working tips

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Make the most of this new digital world – Top remote working tips

As we explored previously, Covid-19 has caused a major shift in the way the nation works. The transition to at least partial remote working has been gradually increasing over the past ten years, but due to the current pandemic, it has skyrocketed overnight.

It can only be of benefit to be using tools that are familiar to your team for your remote working to be effective and for your staff to feel comfortable in the early stages of the change.

As we explored in our previous article, Microsoft 365 should be the go-to familiar application to get the most out of your remote working. Here is an in-depth look at Microsoft 365, some of its individual services and how it can assist you in achieving your daily workflow goals.


Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a platform designed with productivity in mind, it can help in achieving what matters to you in your work and home life. With some of the most iconic office applications ever released, combined with Cloud storage and sharing abilities, and some of the most comprehensive security available; Microsoft 365 is the go-to application for collaboration, communication, and productivity.

Let us remind ourselves of the questions we asked ourselves previously – and explore which applications within 365 can help solve them.

  1. Will I be able to communicate with my employees easily? – Channels/ chat within Microsoft Teams
  2. Will my employees be able to work together and collaborate on tasks? – Channels/ co-authoring within Microsoft Teams
  3. How do I ensure my employees are supported? – Channels/chat/file-sharing, and calendar within Micorsoft Teams
  4. How do I ensure files are secure when working remotely? Files saved to the Cloud via Sharepoint within Microsoft 365 ecosystem.
  5. How do I guarantee productivity? Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams within Microsoft Teams
  6. Will my staff be able to use it without assistance? Yes, as we have already explored Microsoft is a familiar tool, if having not used it before it is a self-explanatory platform with many self-help videos by Microsoft themselves.


How to, with Microsoft 365

Here are some ways to achieve your goals from the office or remotely when using Microsoft 365.


Collaboration, Communication and Productivity

Collaboration, communication, and productivity are the three most important ingredients to ensure a business grows and thrives. If employees from different sectors of your business cannot achieve these three things then it will hold you back in the long run.

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular features of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, it was designed to enable collaboration and communication by using video conferencing capabilities, chat options, SharePoint and OneDrive meaning file-sharing is simple and all in the same place.

Lets go into some specific features within Teams and explore how to achieve the three key ingredients for sustainability and growth.


Instant messaging – Teams – Communication

There are two different ways to converse with your colleagues in Teams. Firstly you can use the group ‘Chat’ feature which is located on the menu panel on the top left of your screen. The second way is by posting your discussion in the ‘posts’ tab of a ‘Channel’. A Channel is used for project-led, position-specific discussions, whilst Chat is for informal conversation.


Co-Authoring – Collaboration

Another key feature that Teams offers is the option to co-author, live! With the right permissions, and if the file is stored in the Cloud, multiple people can edit a document at one time! This ensures organization as well with there being fewer copies of documents everywhere; co-authoring allows you to keep track of important documents when multiple employees need to work on them.

To collaborate on a document you open it and click on ‘Edit’ at the top of the screen then choose any of these three options: ‘Edit in Teams’, ‘Open in Desktop App’, or ‘Open in Browser’. Then open the file you need to edit and get started. If other team members are editing the document too your changes will be seamlessly merged as you go along.


Video conferencing – Support

Teams offers a video conferencing abilities also, users can host 1080p calls with up to 250 members, which includes the ability to share screens and record calls.

To create a new video call in a Channel, select the team and Channel you want to make the call in. Click the ‘Meet’ button at the top of the screen.


You can also make a call in the Chat section. There are two types of Chat calls, one-on-one or group calls. To start a call from a chat in Teams, go to your chat list and click ‘new chat’ to start a new conversation.

Then type the name of the person you want to call in the bar, click ‘Video call’ or ‘Audio call’ in the top corner to start the conversation.


File sharing

To file share within Microsoft Teams:

  • Click Teams on the left of the screen
  • Once in the Teams section, click general and then files

Depending on whether you have a file already loaded to Teams there is now two different options.

To make a brand new file or add one from files:

  • Click ‘+New’, this opens up a drop down menu with Folder, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Forms for Excel in it. Choose and you are underway.

Or if a file already exists within Teams:

  • Pick your file, click the Elipsis, and a drop down menu comes up with all your options including Edit, Open and Download.

All features of Microsoft 365 (particularly Teams) promote productivity on an easy to use familiar platform. Staff can use 365’s vast array of tools to ensure productivity when working alone, remotely, or as part of a team. This is what makes Microsoft 365 the go to choice for businesses ready to make an effective transition to remote working.

Need help ensuring your questions get answered? We can help you!

We at Inology offer success through innovative IT support. We can offer a complimentary chat with one of our Microsoft 365 specialists. We can help you understand the benefits of 365 in more detail and ensure that a transition to remote working is as beneficial for your business as possible. Give us a call and we can help you!

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