Microsoft Edge 2022: What’s New?


Microsoft Edge 2022: What’s New?

Microsoft Edge, the modern browser from Microsoft, has been around for years, but it’s never seemed to get the attention that Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox does. But that could change with Edge’s new release in the coming months. The Edge team is constantly adding new features to Edge, but these aren’t always advertised to the public. At Inology, we are always using Edge in our day-to-day jobs. So, let us fill you in on what’s new in the latest version of Microsoft Edge in 2022.

Microsoft Edge has introduced a large handful of new features this year, let’s take a look at what’s new:



Winter Games 2022 in Microsoft 


Stay in the loop with news, results, and medal counts of your favourite athletes and teams. Get all of the latest updates on Microsoft Edge.





Do More at Once – Microsoft Edge Bar


Why not find search, news, filtered content and useful tools, all from the Edge bar without leaving your page.





Track Your Purchases in Edge


You can view any of your orders, track packages, and access delivery updates right from your Microsoft Edge browser.





Manage Your Time Wisely


Microsoft Edge has a new feature that will save you time, so you can create more, work, and play however you like.

It allows you to organise your tabs, group and minimize your tabs to keep your content organised, free up space for more or add them to a collection. You can save, organise, and share content instantly! The new Edge enables you to sync up your Pinterest boards with your Edge Collections that you create. Cool, right?

Easily take and edit screen captures. With this new web capture feature in Edge, you can now “mark up” and add comments to your screen captures, using pen or touch. Streamline your reading on the web. “Immersive Reader” helps you stay focused when reading online by giving you the option to filter out any clutter, and distracting content from articles and sites.







Feel Safer In Microsoft Edge 


Microsoft Edge provides you with tools to protect your privacy and security online. It will explore password health, track prevention and much more. You can keep your online accounts secure, as Microsoft Edge alarms you of any online breaches, and will create and memorise strong passwords for you. You can also take control of your data. Microsoft Edge allows you to have more control over your data, and more transparency into which trackers are blocked while you browse the web. With the new Edge, you are now able to browse the web with automatic protection. According to an independent test from, Microsoft Edge offers the highest-rated protection against malware and phishing compared to Chrome and other popular browsers on Windows 10.

Keep your young ones safer online. There is now a new browsing mode for children with built-in protection and custom designs, so that they can surf the web tailored just for them.





Customise Your Edge Extensions


Personalise your browser with a range of themes, created together with the different communities at Microsoft. For example, they currently have a new theme out to celebrate Black History Month, that has been created together with the black communities at Microsoft.





Overall, the new features in Edge in 2022 have the potential to make a real difference to users. The best part is, you can get Microsoft Edge on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android! You can also log into your Microsoft Account and easily sync your passwords, favourite sites and profile settings across all of your devices, so you never have to worry about not having access to any of your data, anytime, anywhere, any device!



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