Multi Factor Authentication And Why Your Business Needs It

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Multi Factor Authentication And Why Your Business Needs It

Do you ever find yourself posting pictures of yourself or your family online? Or entering your card details into a website to make a purchase? Or even something as simple as using public Wi-Fi?

Multi Factor Authentication

Don’t worry, we have all done these things at some point in our lives, and most of the time its without realizing the potential risk behind doing so.


How Can it Help Me?

Today, cyber-attacks occur more often than not and sometimes they can be happening without even knowing. It could be happening right now, to you, or to a friend, have you ever thought of that?

The worst part is that the attackers are so sneaky and clever when carrying out their attacks, that they disguise it as something as normal as a text message from a “family member” or an email from your “boss”. Scary, right?


Well, this is what Multi Factor Authentication is all about. It helps prevent attackers from being able to access your personal and sensitive information, so that you don’t have to worry about doing your online weekly shop, or receiving a dodgy email and mistaking it for a genuine person. But what exactly is Multi Factor Authentication?


What Is MFA?

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security feature in Office 365 that adds an extra level of security to your online accounts. It is  being used more and more by companies to stop hackers from stealing passwords or financial details.

When using MFA, you are required to provide something along side your username and password to be able to log in, in order to safely identify that it is really you trying to log in.


For example, the things you may be asked to enter when signing in when MFA is enabled could be:

  • A phone number
  • A special word/phrase
  • A fingerprint(if accessible)
  • A key fob
  • A PIN code
  • An email verification


Why It’s Useful For Companies:

MFA doesn’t just protect a person’s personal information, it can protect a Business’ sensitive information too, such as:

  • Finance details
  • Staff personal information E.g. living address, passwords, emails etc..
  • Business plans


How Does It Work?

Setting up MFA is much simpler than you may think. A few quick and easy steps will have it up and running in no time, leaving you feeling safer than ever.

How Set-Up works…

Registration: The user links their mobile device to the system.

Login: The user enters their login details into a secure system to gain access.

Verification: The system connects to the registered item. The item may receive a verification code.

Reaction: The user completes the processes with the verified item. Entering verification codes are usually the next steps.



How Do I Set-Up MFA?

Step 1:

Firstly you will need to enter your Microsoft Login details into your computer. After signing in, you will be prompted for more information.

Step 1: MFA


Step 2:

The default method for set up will be to use the MFA Mobile App. So you will need to Download this via the app store on your mobile device. However, if you do NOT want to do this via the mobile app, then you can use the drop down menu to select “Authentication Phone” and fill in the correct details.

Step 2: MFA


The Microsoft Authentication App looks like this:

Step 3: MFA


Step 3:

After selecting next, you should now have a screen that looks like this on your computer. Now go to your mobile device and once the Mobile app is downloaded, open it up and allow notifications (if prompted)

Step 3: MFA


Step 4:

Your mobile app should now appear with a scanning screen. Hold your mobile device’s camera in front of the QR code displayed to you on your computer screen and wait for it to scan. If it doesn’t scan you can select “Or enter code manually” at the bottom of your mobile screen, by copying the URL (webpage link) into the box provided.

Step 4: MFA


Step 5:

After scanning the code on your mobile device, a notification is sent to the Mobile app on your mobile device. It will ask you to approve the notification sent.

Step 5: MFA


Step 6:

Finally, once the notification has been approved, select “Next”. Your security information is now updated to use the MFA App for Multi Factor Authentication or Password Reset.



However, if you do NOT want to use the MFA Mobile App, make sure that you have followed the instructions as far as Step 2.


After selecting “Authentication Phone”, you should have a screen that looks like this.

Step 6: MFA

You should have received a text message to your mobile phone after providing your phone number (if you chose that option). Enter the code that has been sent to you. Then select “Next”.


And that’s it! You are now all set up for MFA!


Next Steps:

Sign in using the Microsoft Authenticator App, following the 2-step verification method provided.

To reset your password, do so via the Reset Password Portal on the app.


To conclude, MFA is a vital part of security for yourself and your business. So please, if you want to keep yours and your team’s information as safe as possible, set-up your MFA today!

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