Office vs Home What has changed – Top remote working tips

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Office vs Home What has changed – Top remote working tips

Covid-19, the world’s most severe health epidemic in a generation, the way it has changed our lives cannot be underestimated. People from all walks of life are being affected, no more so than business owners – running a business is not easy at the best of times let alone during the current climate, leading many owners to make the transition to remote working. Enabling firms to continue trading, and if done effectively remote working can help businesses thrive.

What initially took hold as a temporary fix to the lockdown situation, has evolved into more of a longer-term working strategy for many businesses. As with many things that are a quick fix, gaps, mistakes and opportunities for improvement have become evident as time has gone on.

How has your daily workflow be affected by the change to remote working? Has it changed the way you have to work? What areas have you identified aren’t working as well as they should be? You need to ask yourself questions to identify the best workplace practices to find the right solution to any changes; if you don’t provide the correct tools for your staff to achieve effective workflow they will find it themselves.

Finding the right tools

The concept of employees within a business sourcing their own software or Cloud services is known as Shadow IT. This can be a real problem when remote working, leaving you unaware of where your data is being stored and distributed, which removes your ability to control and secure your IT. This in turn leaves your data open to breaches and your business potentially liable to be penalized legally.

Eradicate Shadow IT wherever possible by providing your whole team with the right tools they need for their daily workflow, this starts by comprehensively assessing who needs what and why. There are things every business needs, from top quality standards of communication to adequate security, but you must go deeper than that and find out what is important to the functions in your business in particular. Ask yourself in-depth questions to discover what you and your team need to achieve as much as possible from remote working.

Questions to ask yourself

  1. Will I be able to communicate with my employees easily?
  2. Will my employees be able to work together and collaborate on tasks?
  3. How do I ensure my employees are supported?
  4. How do I ensure files are secure when working remotely?
  5. How do I guarantee productivity?
  6. Will my staff be able to use it without assistance?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself, there are many more that you can tailor to the running of your business and your own concerns. If you ask yourself these questions you are off to a good start in your journey to an effective remote working infrastructure and future.

Asking the right questions proving challenging? Let us take the reigns!

We at Inology know how difficult it can be for business owners to identify what are the most important considerations for the online success of their business. That is where we come in! We can help you identify the questions you need to be asking yourself and can take the strain for you, we can manage your IT and offer a team tailored around Migrations to Microsoft. Call us to get the help you need!

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