The All New Microsoft Office: Here’s What’s Changed

The All New Microsoft Office: Here’s What’s Changed

Microsoft has released the latest version of Office, and it has a shiny and new look to it. This new feature runs on both Windows 10 and 11!



So, What’s Changed In Microsoft Office?


Microsoft Office New Look


Microsoft Office has had a revamp, and it has been applied to all Applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote etc… These new features add both a natural and consistent feel to the Applications. One of the biggest visual changes has been the Ribbon Tab at the top of the screen when you open up your Microsoft Office Application, which stores all of your options on such as “File“, “Home” and “Insert” etc… This has given the ribbon tab a more simplistic design and a visually appealing layout. With this, they have taken on board the people’s suggestions by making the new look more coherent and familiar across every one Microsoft’s platforms.

You can also now match up your Office theme to your Windows Theme. Microsoft has brought out a variety of new Themes with this update, meaning that you can change the style and colour of your Office Applications, to suite you best! The new options come in Black (Dark Mode), White (Default), Colourful or Dark Grey. This can be changed by going in to File > Account > Office Theme.

Microsoft have now hidden their Quick Access Toolbar, to give off a simplistic and cleaner design. However, you can still access this option, by simply Right Clicking on the Ribbon, or go to the right of the Ribbon and select the drop down arrow in the bottom right corner. Then, select “Show Quick Access Toolbar“.

Not only this, but there has been plenty of system updates and tweaks which are not so visual, to make your user experience much smoother and easier to use, without any bugs or glitches.



How To Enable/Disable Microsoft’s New Feature…



Not to worry! If you aren’t a fan of the new design layout that Microsoft has created and you prefer the older one, then it’s easily changeable.

To enable the NEW feature if it hasn’t been automatically applied, go to any of your Office Applications. In this instance, I am using Word.

Up in the top Right hand corner, select the little icon that looks like a Speakerphone. If you hover over the icon with your cursor, you should see a text box appear that reads “Upcoming Features. Try It Now“.



Microsoft Coming Soon


Once you have selected the icon, you should see a small window which looks similar to this, which will open on the right hand side of your screen.

Near the bottom of the window, there should be a slider which reads “Try the new experience“. You can either enable or disable this feature here.




That is about everything you need to know regarding the new Microsoft Office update. There’s a few cool new feautures to have a play with, so get cracking!


Let Us know which version you prefer!






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