The Digital Divide: Bridging The Gap

Making A Difference - Digital Divide

The Digital Divide: Bridging The Gap

Right now, the Digital Divide is at an all-time high, especially during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The  only way people can retain that sense of social life is through digital technology, but how do they do that without any access to digital technology?


Some people aren’t as fortunate as others when it comes to owning a form of digital technology. Some don’t have access to laptops, computers or even phones! People often turn to charities and organisations to provide them when in need. This creates a Digital Divide between those who have access to digital technology, and those who don’t.


Why We Want To Help

At Inology IT, our goal is not only to provide others with outstanding service but also to provide support whenever and wherever it is needed. We understand that in these unfortunate times, there are some that may not have access to digital technology. This can potentially lead to poorer health outcomes, loneliness, little educational access and limited employment opportunities. To help reduce this, we decided to donate a bunch of our old IT equipment to our local charity PCRefurb. Their purpose is to refurbish old IT equipment and give them to those most in need. We believe that this will, in effect, create a bridge to reduce the ‘Digital Divide’. This will enable those who couldn’t before to study efficiently, to apply for jobs and to stay connected with the world.


What Is The ‘Digital Divide’?

The ‘Digital Divide’ is a society which is dependent on technology, that can create inequality. The gap between those who have access to the latest technology and those who do not is called the ‘digital divide’. In the UK it is mostly due to availability of technology and network coverage. This can be down to:

  • Money – If someone is limited with the amount of money that they have, they’re less likely to spend it on digital technology.
  • Location – Depending on where someone is living. For instance, if someone lives in the city, they are more likely to get higher-speed broadband. As opposed to someone who lives in a rural area, where the broadband speed is more likely to be slower/non-existent.
  • IT Knowledge – Knowing how to actually use a piece of digital technology is also a main factor. If someone is unsure on how to use a laptop or computer, then they’re automatically limited to what they can access.
  • Internet access – If someone doesn’t have access to the internet, then they’re going to struggle using digital technology as the majority of digital technology requires access to the internet.


PCRefrub donations

PCRefurb donations


Why You Should Help Too…

With that being said, it’s not just digital technology that could be donated to charitable causes. It can be anything from the likes of money to an old and unused dining table. Charity work is happening all over the world and is done for public benefit, relief and to provide assistance to people at times of need. There are thousands of unfortunate people that depend on these things to help them get by. So, if you have anything spare, old or unused… why not give it to someone in need? Here are some prime reasons as to why you should consider:

  • Makes you feel GOOD – Giving to charity is a very rewarding feeling. Knowing that you have helped somebody in need with something that you no longer get use out of.
  • Beneficial for the Environment – Instead of throwing away unused items which could potentially have an impact on global pollution, you can just as easily give them to charity.
  • Encourage others – If others see you donating and giving to charity, they may feel obliged to do the same.
  • Gives your life more meaning – Knowing that you have done something great and helpful for someone makes your life feel more fulfilled and meaningful. It could possibly influence you to carry out other acts of kindness.



Bringing this to a close, Charity giving is one of the best ways to bring together a community. It also makes you feel great about what you’ve done for the greater good, especially in these hard times. Have you ever given to charity? If not, what are you waiting for? If so, then comment below what it was and why you chose to do so.

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