The Digital Divide Vol.2: How COVID-19 Has Affected It

Digital Divide

The Digital Divide Vol.2: How COVID-19 Has Affected It

Millions of people around the world struggle every day to provide for not only themselves, but for their families too. Life took a turn for the worst in January of 2020 when COVID-19 struck. Leaving the entire international population to be locked in their homes.


For some this was a blessing. Not having to go to work. Staying in your PJ’s or sweats all day. Playing video games. Reading online articles from your favourite magazine. However, for others that was more like hell. Those others had nothing of the sort to keep themselves entertained and no internet connection to access any of these things on. Some didn’t even have any heating to keep them warm through the winter. Sadly for some families, this Digital Divide was not the beginning.

This was their norm even before COVID-19 and with Christmas around the corner, there will be many families unable to gift their loved ones with anything at all, never mind a TV.

If only it was possible to do something magical like giving your old/unused Tech Products to someone less fortunate this Christmas… Well you can! We certainly did!

Our local Tech Charity is PCRefurb. They help refurbish and re-home any old or unused Tech products to the less fortunate families, homes and organizations. And given the time of year, it will be a difficult one to tackle.



At Inology, we had lots of spare old and unused PC’s stored away that were doing nothing other than filling some dusty shelves. This gave us the great idea to donate all of our old or unused Tech products to PCRefurb.

Knowing that we can make such a difference to someone’s life in a matter of days by carrying out such a simple act of kindness is what we believe matters most. This also corresponds with our company guidelines, as the same can be said in terms of providing IT support services to our clients and anyone in need of that helping hand.




Why Is The Digital Divide Important?


According to Lloyds CDI in 2021, around 67% of people are keen to improve their digital skills if they were given the opportunity, or knew the support was being adequately provided. Think of it this way, over 2 million households face great difficulty each year to be able to afford access to the internet, according to Ofcom. That is a LOT of people, in fact far too many.

However, providing these people with something that has little significance to you in your life, yet will have such great significance to them in their life, will make such a difference in the world.



The difference between having and not having access to a form of digital technology can be quite substantial:




  • Digitally excluded – People who don’t have access to digital technology will miss out on significant parts of life today as almost everything today is online. This is where the Digital Divide stems from.
  • Limited set of digital skills – If there is no form of technology to access, a person will not be able to learn even the most basic of skills required to digitally function, which is a big priority today.
  • Worried about the dangers of being online – People may also be avoiding joining the online universe due to the thought of lack of privacy and security. This contributes massively to the Digital Divide. However, there are now so many things in place to ensure that each user is as private and secure as they desire to be.





  • Things will be much easier – Once you can involve yourself in the online world, it will make a lot of your day-to-day tasks much easier. For example, getting in contact with a company, a friend, a family member. Finding out information on a specific topic. Applying for jobs. Shopping.
  • Digitally included – As 86% of adults today are online, you will feel much more in the loop and much more engaged.
  • It can save you quite a bit of money in the long run – According to Good Things Foundation, the most digitally engaged pay around £228 less on their bills each year than those who are the least engaged.



So in order to help bridge the Digital Divide, dig out your old or unused tech items. Whether it be a TV, mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Donate today to make someone’s life a whole lot easier and a whole lot better. Find your local digital charity and get your items down there!

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