The ‘New normal’ need not feel new – Top remote working tips

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The ‘New normal’ need not feel new – Top remote working tips

As mentioned previously, Covid-19 is seriously affecting the way we all live our lives, this is clear in the world of business also with 60% of the UK’s adult population currently working from home during the Coronavirus lockdown. ¹

Business owners that are yet to make the transition to remote working are apprehensive, most have come to terms with, either because of COVID-19 or the way that work has developed over the past ten years, that it is a logical transition that is more than necessary in the modern world. Some are worried about it being too unfamiliar. It does not need to be this way, your remote working infrastructure (if organized, set up, and maintained correctly) can mirror your workspace and allow for sustained and perhaps increased productivity.

Previously, we went through some questions you needed to ask yourself before making any transition. The answers to those questions may lie within any one of a number of technology solutions, however opting for tools which will likely be already somewhat familiar to your team has its advantages.

Using familiar tools when working remotely can be beneficial for employer and employees alike. You know that the tool is fit for purpose and your employees are familiar with the functions of it. For example, the question, how do I guarantee productivity? If you are using Microsoft 365 and are getting levels of productivity you are happy with in-office, then why would that be any different when working remotely.

Another advantage of using familiar tools is the speed of the transition, familiarity avoids the need for in-depth training of an entire software programme. If staff already understand the inner workings of the application, have their own two step-authentication sign-in details, and feel confident in operating and using it, then you are a massive step ahead of other businesses that try a brand new software platform. Familiarity will soften the blow on your employees too, who can struggle with the change to working remotely as it is, without the added stress of learning the functions of brand new tech.

The Microsoft 365 ecosystem

You and your team have undoubtedly used Microsoft Office at some point throughout your school or working life. Employing the tools of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem will provide that familiarity. As daunting as this large and unfamiliar ecosystem appears, with prior experience of Microsoft applications, your team can hit the ground running and start quickly benefiting from a whole world of new tools that can empower remote working.

From the most familiar at the far left (productivity tools) to the cutting edge and personalised apps at the right, Microsoft 365 is one cohesive ecosystem of tools to solve most daily workflow requirements; this allows for the apps and features to interconnect and complement one another (see above picture).

Microsoft 365 has countless features to assist you in answering as many of your workflow consideration questions as possible, the components of which we will explore this more in the remaining blog in the series.

Do you need help ensuring familiarity in remote working? We can help you!

We at Inology offer help by taking charge of the tedious running of your IT infrastructure We can offer a complimentary chat with one of our Microsoft 365 specialists to ensure you get exactly what you need! We can ensure you get the tools that are right for the functions of your business, whilst being familiar to you and your employees. Sound good? Give us a call and we can help you!

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