Top tools in Microsoft 365 – Chat

Top tools in Microsoft 365 – Chat

As I am sure you will agree, sufficient levels of communication between yourself and your employees are essential to guarantee a successful and thriving workplace. By communication, I mean both socially and serious too, as both are equally important to you and your staff in achieving your goals as a well-functioning team.

Previously, it has been impossible to send documents and files securely in the same place you can have a conversation. With the majority of businesses worldwide forced into making an at least partial remote working team as of last year due to Covid-19, and with the number of firms introducing remote working as an alternative to working on-premise expected to grow in popularity in the coming years, it is essential businesses have a place to communicate securely through messaging and through the sharing of documents from anywhere geographically.

Microsoft Teams offers a solution.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an app designed with the sole purpose of improving levels of collaboration, communication, and productivity within your business. It has risen to worldwide fame recently – due to the rapid change to remote working for many – and has amassed an average daily user count of 115 million; a figure unsurmountable by any competitor on the market.


Microsoft Teams – Chat feature

Microsoft Teams Chat feature offers a secure place for conversation, document, and file sharing. A particularly good feature that is made available by Chat is the ability to attach files directly from OneDrive, allowing the recipient to easily amend the document.

  • You can do this by first finding the Chat option in the top left of your screen and clicking on it.
  • Once having picked your recipient, click the paperclip below the message box.
  • After this, an option for either ‘OneDrive’ or ‘Upload from my computer’ presents itself. Make your choice and click.

Having the option to hold a normal friendly conversation in the same place you can send work documents – whilst also staying secure – is a great boost for your productivity as a team.

A particularly good feature of Teams is the ‘Activity Feed’. This allows you to monitor what a particular employee has posted within Teams, allowing you to keep tabs on the activities of the employee.

  • First, select the person whose activities you want to check. At the top of the screen, you have the options; Chat, Files, Organisation and Activity.
  • Click on Activity. A list will appear of all the places that a person has shared something on Teams. This is much quicker than having to search through for each individual item which has been misplaced so will allow you to be more productive with your time.

Another good addition to Microsoft Teams is the ‘Add a tab’ option. This allows you to add tabs to your dashboard for easier access.

To do this:

  • Choose a recipient you wish to add a tab to the conversation with.
  • Click the plus (+) symbol next to Activity at the top of the screen.
  • Choose from the options the tab you want to add to the dashboard.

Taking time to delve deeper into Teams can only be a beneficial exercise. Some of its lesser-known tools – like the ones we have just discussed – can change and improve the way you work forever.


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