Top tools in Microsoft 365 – Co-Authoring

Top tools in Microsoft 365 – Co-Authoring

Working as a team is integral to ensuring you make of the most of the limited hours in the workday. Teamwork, or collaboration, ensures that the most productive ideas make their way to the forefront and actually have a chance to benefit the business.

With Covid-19 showing little signs of going away anytime soon, companies around the world have been looking for a way to mirror the levels of collaboration and productivity they have grown accustomed to achieving in office when working remotely.

Remote working is predicted to grow exponentially long after Covid-19 is not a crisis anymore, this is partially due to managers realising the potential benefits of an at least partial remote workforce due to the risk of another outbreak or simply as it saves them money on office space.

Microsoft 365 can make the transition to remote working a seamless one, it can help you mirror the levels of productivity achieved in office from anywhere.


Co-Authoring in Microsoft 365 and Teams

Before Co-Authoring, if multiple members of your team were to be involved in composing a single document multiple copies would need to be created, saved and distributed around each team member. This method caused confusion as a lot of the time the ‘master copy’ is misplaced, in turn, making for a chaotic, disorganised workplace.


How can it help my business?

For example, you run a small publishing firm that has recently signed a contract with a big customer, they want you to provide them with three new fictional story ideas with visuals, by a deadline. Normally a manageable task that would be achieved on time to an exceptional standard, but because of the current climate 4 of your 8 strong team are working remotely – when ideally you would prefer to have them all in a room together to ensure ideas flow freely.

Co-Authoring allows your team to work together through the power of technology. It lets all your team access documents and PowerPoint slides at the same, whilst communicating through a chat feature within it.


How does it work?

  • Open a document of your choice in Word as normal.

The next step is to make it available to other members of the team to co-author, you do this by putting it in the Cloud.

  • To put the document in the Cloud, navigate to the top right of your screen and click ‘Share’
  • Once having clicked the Share option, ‘OneDrive’ is made available as a location to upload to.

OneDrive will then upload the document for you, it is then that you can share it with others.

In this section, there are many controls you can apply to allow or restrict entry to the document (passwords, etc). You can decide who is allowed to see and edit the document.

These easy steps make co-authoring a possibility with your colleagues. You can now all open the document simultaneously.

To see when a colleague is also open on the document look to the top of your screen and you can see the face/initials of your colleague.

Finding the cursor will allow you to see what part of the document your colleague is working on.

Co-authoring has the power to assist you in achieving advanced levels of collaboration no matter your team’s geographical location. With the future of business evolving everyday it is guaranteed that co-authoring will be a feature that stands the test of time.


Your Microsoft 365 experts

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