Top tools in Microsoft 365 – Meetings

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Top tools in Microsoft 365 – Meetings

Whether you are familiar with Microsoft Teams or not, I’m sure one feature you are familiar with is the audio/ video conferencing tools. It is one of the main attractions of Microsoft Teams, because it allows you to hold a meeting with up to 300 participants and ‘live events’ with up to 20,000; a truly astonishing number.

Meetings has been designed as an intuitive platform. We will skip the basics and have a closer look at the features of Meetings all of which are capable of revolutionising the way you work.


Meeting scheduling and the scheduling assistant

No matter the size of your organisation meeting scheduling can be a challenge. Teams introduce the scheduling assistant.

  • You can access this through the ‘new meeting’ tool in the calendar tab.

To arrange a meeting in advance:

  • Go to the calendar tab on the left
  • Select ‘new meeting’ (below your user icon in the top right).

You are then presented with a form in which you insert all of your meeting requirements.

  • Enter the names of those you wish to invite to attend. Choose a start and end time, link the meeting to a channel of your choice and make the meeting a recurring one if you wish.

Yes, it is true that at this point during the process nothing seems unique about Meetings in Teams. However, we are now moving on to the features of it that set it apart from the rest. Once having entered the name(s) of participants to the meeting, you are presented with suggested times (just below the date and time section of the form). Teams has the ability to cross reference the schedules of all the requested participants and presents you with different times to choose from that suit all, thereby allowing your team to go about their week as planned without having to change anything. This can also save you the potentially extensive amounts of time normally wasted on organising the meeting in such a way as to accommodate as many people as possible.

Another feature of Meetings in Teams that makes it particularly unique to any competition is ‘In-Meeting Chat’.


In-Meeting Chat

During a meeting it can be frustrating when participants keep interrupting and breaking your flow, but this can be essential if urgent work-related activities are in full flow behind the scenes. In-Meeting Chat allows a member of the meeting to communicate with another participant – made possible all without interrupting the speaker – meaning those important bits of dialogue won’t have to wait out of worry of interrupting.

  • To bring up Chat, just select ‘show conversation’ from the menu of actions at the top right of the meeting window.

A similar tool is ‘Raise your hand’.


The Raise your hand feature in Meetings

This feature is exactly as it sounds and is the same as when in school, you can raise your hand to get the attention of the speaker without interrupting the whole meeting.

To ‘Raise your hand’ you:

  • Select the hand icon from the menu of actions, select ‘this action’, then * (star).

This action will then appear as a notification in the ‘show participants’ tab.  Any attendee who raises their hand will have an icon displayed beside their name. 

Teams has a range of features that can revolutionise the way you work because they have the power to improve levels of communication, collaboration and productivity – both when in office and when working from home. Take time to immerse yourself in Microsoft Teams and ensure that you and your team are using the platform to its full potential.


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